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Concord Biography

A brief history

With more than 25 years experience delivering innovative software solutions to educators, Concord is a trusted name in education. Empowering students and teachers to improve pedagogical outcomes by accessing the right information instantly on any device, underpins a modern learning e-cosystem. Concord delivers cost effective, cloud services, designed to enrich the educational outcomes of users and to improve productivity for all stakeholders.

Why Infiniti?

A quick overview

Concord Infiniti™ is a next generation library management system growing at the rate of 2 schools each week! Why? Clean, intuitive, modern, refreshing, engaging, and different are common comments from convertees. If you participate in an online demonstration of Infiniti you too will see the difference. And after you join the Infiniti Community you will have the opportunity to provide your suggestions for improving the Infiniti experience.


Company Fun Facts

We've done a lot so far and the best is yet to come

Years of service

Users... and counting

Records catalogued

Loans issued (so far)

Infiniti Features

Concord Infiniti™ is a cloud-based school library management system packed with features to elevate your library and information services to a whole new level for integrated digital and print resources management to support online learning.

Z-cat Live

one click cataloguing from any Z source

Catalogue anything

print, digital, assets, class sets, text book hire


Integration with Bolinda, Britannica, EBSCO, Overdrive, Wheelers and more...

Book covers

from SCIS, Syndetics, Open Library or local

Interactive dashboard

drill down circulation, user and resource activity statistics

Intuitive navigation

easily move between work functions as required

Engaging user OPAC

for students, teachers and library staff

Predictive searching

lists options for users to search the catalogue

Faceted searching

narrow search results from listed facets

Book reviews

from users about books they have read

Social media

users share information with closed school audience

Junior Picture OPAC

introduces junior students to searching via pictures

Discovery layer

to access external databases quickly, efficiently and seamlessly


display new and popular books based on individual user's profiles

Intelligent circulation

rules based access and rights for print and digital resources

Self checkout

using RFID circulation systems or bar code readers

Comprehensive reporting

for circulation, resources, users, acquisitions, stocktake


manage orders, suppliers and budgets

User management

import user details from SMS or AD

General management

maintenance, stocktake, security, lists

Standards compliant


Learning Management System

integrate with your school's learning management system

Responsive design

ensures an optimal experience on all BYOD devices

Security & Privacy

ensures privacy using SSL connections and MD5 encryption


hosted in redundant data centres and backed up every 4 hours

Single Sign On

supports OAuth, SAML, LDAP and AD across the Internet

SMS ready

for a range of messages to users

Highly customisable

to suit your branding and school persona

HTML5 compliant

for future proofing

SMS ready

for a range of messages to users

Infiniti Benefits

Concord Infiniti™ delivers measurable benefits to students, teachers, and library staff,
while underpinning your school’s evolution into online learning.


Your students

Educating the modern student is all about engagement. Today’s generation of students have information and knowledge at their fingertips 24/7. They expect to be able to access the information they need from anywhere at anytime. Infiniti enables them to achieve this, delivering educator approved information to them through a clean, crisp and user friendly interface.


Your teachers

Integration between Infiniti and a range of Learning Management Systems and delivery networks enables teachers at your school to guide their students to the materials they need for their studies. Teachers are able to self-manage their learning resources from their own Infiniti account, or have that managed on their behalf by their friendly and helpful library staff.


Your staff

The services provided from the school library are invaluable but have often gone unrecognised. As digital learning becomes the norm, teacher librarians using Concord Infiniti will have an opportunity to play a long term vital role in building and managing an extensive collection of valuable digital resources to support their school’s curriculum. Capture, tag, locate, reassemble, review and distribute valid resources to school learning management systems to provide an invaluable service to teachers, students, the school, and parents.


Your IT Manager

Because Infiniti is a cloud hosted solution we take care of the technical stuff. Our team works closely with the technical team at your school to ensure the points of integration between Infiniti and other systems at the school are setup relieving them of many management overheads and costs. The hardware and software platform delivering your Infiniti services is always up to date.


You're not the only one that wants to know more about Infiniti

Why choose Infiniti?

Infiniti is for schools that recognise the increasingly critical role played by the school library in the delivery of the curriculum. It is the result of combining the knowledge and expertise of more than 25 years of library and information management experience with the very best technology available today. Infiniti has been designed with you in mind, our usability experts have witnessed the day to day lives of teacher librarians and school library users and designed a solution that is both intuitive and appealing. Our aim from the outset when designing Infiniti was to ensure that it made your work environment enjoyable and productive.

Why move to the cloud?

In a word – cost, but there are many other benefits too. Cloud is the term used to describe software and services that are provided outside your school on the “Internet”. Rather than investing in considerable computing infrastructure in your school every 3 years, you can choose to invest in a cloud service and save your school significant amounts of money. You never have to consider upgrading computing hardware or software again as this will happen automatically as part of your service. Your IT staff won’t have to worry about the technical issues and your data is stored, hosted and backed up automatically. All software and hardware is kept up to date for you, and there is no longer any need for in-school servers.

Are there security risks?

No. Concord takes information security seriously, so Infiniti uses industrial strength technologies to ensure your data is secure and safe. All communications are via a secure HTTPS layer, meaning your data cannot be intercepted or eavesdropped between your browser and the cloud. Additionally, all user passwords are encrypted. Our world class state of the art data centre is located in Australia and is one of the few data centres certified by the Defence Signals Directorate to the Australian Government ISM information “PROTECTED” level standard for Australian Privacy Practices (March 2014).

Do I need the NBN?

Not at all. Much like the rest of Australia, here at Infiniti we didn't want to wait for the NBN rollout to be able to provide our customers with a next generation library management system. Infiniti performance is tested on standards ADSL2 connections with an average search request time of 0.02 seconds.

How can my school get started?

Once you have decided to move from your current library system to Infiniti – place your order. One of our friendly and helpful team members will organise your data conversion, set up your cloud space and schedule your training. You will be up and running on Infiniti in as little as 1 week. We are contactable in many ways, take a quick look at our Contact page because we are looking forward to talking with you.

What does Infiniti cost?

The short answer is that it is very affordable for all school sizes because it has been priced competitively in the market. Contact with us today and we can run through our pricing with you at your convenience.

How long does it take to setup?

The process generally can take as little as 1 week to complete, but we generally recommend 2 weeks. Our expert team will migrate your data into Infiniti, establish your presence in “the cloud” and arrange a suitable time for the training of your staff. We take all the hassle away from you and leave you with a superior LMS ready for you to take your library forward.

Will I have to close the library?

Absolutely not! Concord will provide a simple application for the recording of your circulation transactions for the duration of the transfer process. You will need to stop cataloguing and other maintenance processes during this time, but there is no need to shut your library to your students.

Will I lose my circulation data?

Our team of data conversion and migration experts have successfully transferred data, including circulation data, from a range of LMS. They have gained extensive experience and knowledge throughout these conversions and are normally able to retain ALL circulation data during the transfer process. We are so confident you will be happy with your data conversion we will do a “free, no obligation” trial data conversion for you and show you your data BEFORE you commit to using Infiniti.

What is user driven development?

User or community driven development is a methodology that ensures that what is being developed and enhanced in software is exactly what is required by the community using that software. Concord Infiniti is very much a community driven project, we love hearing suggestions from our clients for new and improved functionality and features and we maintain and update our software based on these suggestions.

What support services do you offer?

Our support services are second to none. From our Self-Service support portal, to our highly professional and knowledgeable Australian based phone support service, to Social Media, we are available to answer any questions that may arise while you are using Infiniti. Our support team pride themselves on providing the best service to our clients and ensure that all enquiries are answered as completely and quickly as possible. Our business is ensuring that your experience with Infiniti is as smooth and productive as possible, and our support team is here to ensure your experience is an excellent one.

How does Infiniti compare to traditional LMS's?

We are constantly being told by new customers that their research convinced them Infiniti is the best LMS available for their progressive library. We believe that we offer the most modern and comprehensive library and resource management system available today. Our solution is the only true cloud based school system on the market, but the technologies that we have used to develop Infiniti are proven throughout the industry. A quick browse through our features and benefits backs up this claim and illustrates everything that will be available to you once you have made the switch to Infiniti. We look forward to you joining the Infiniti community.

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